Inlays for Contactless and

Dual Interface Card Production

Copper Wire Antenna with

 Air Coil Technology



Silone Cardtech is a leading supplier of pre-laminated inlays for contactless and dual interface card production. We have delivered over 500 million RF inlays for contactless and dual interface cards and tags to card manufacturers around the world.


With custom-built Cardmatix production lines and test equipment, you know you’re receiving the highest quality inlays from a trusted supplier.

Contactless cards and inlays use TC bonding technology for module attachment; air coil inlays are the industry standard for durability and optimized RF read/write performance.


Our process is compatible with standard and COB (chip on FR4 board) module packaging using thermo-compression bonding.

Dual frequency inlays available: (13.56 MHz and 125 kHz.)

Color: White or clear.

Options: Customer specified grain direction, RF tuning, and thickness. PVC or PCV /PETG MIX, Wire embedding or air-coil.


Sheet Formats: 1X5, 2X5, 3X6, 3X7, 3X8, 3X10, 4X10. (Sheet sizes up to 640 x 520mm).

RF Technology: Compatible with commercially available contactless and dual interface transponders working in the 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz spectrums.


Silicone:  MIFARE® , DESFire® , ICODE®, TI, Legic, EM4200, TK4100, AT5577, HITAG, etc.  IC modules supplied by Silone Cardtech or consigned by customer.

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