The Silone was founded in 2001 in San Jose,
California to focus on smart cards and related technologies.

After 21 years, Silone has
developed a portfolio of industry-
related patents and has become a
leading supplier of printed smart
cards, personalization solutions,
smart card modules, and RF
components for financial, ticketing,
government ID, and other applica­

Silone Inc's smart card production
facil­ity, is located in Dongguan,
Shenzhen area. It was built from the
ground-up to meet quality demands
and security requirements of
financial and governmental ID

This 10,000 m2 high-security
manufacturing facility, features in-
house card printing as well as an
extensive production capacity for RF
tokens, contactless cards, smart
cards, and dual interface cards.

This expertise is why the leading
banks in China have chosen Silone
Inc to develop personalization
solutions for their credit and debit
cards. Silone Inc also has extensive
experience in other critical card
programs including: social security,
health­care, communication,
Government ID, trans­portation,
loyalty and more