IoT Access Control Solutions

What is Silone CloudAC?

CloudAC is paving the way for the
future of physical security with
innovative cloud-based access control
solutions and mobile credential.

CloudAC is easy and affordable to get
started. It doesn’t require the purchase of any

Convenience is another enormous
benefit of cloud-based access control.

You can remotely lock and unlock doors
for your customers, vendors, and
employees from the comfort of your
home or anywhere you may be.

CloudAC cloud-based access control is
great for larger businesses who need to
manage hundreds of entry points across
multiple locations. It’s perfect for small
to medium businesses, Co-working
Space, Hospital, School, Public
Transportation Center, University or
Sports Club without the hassle and
expense of on-site servers and IT


Cloud-based Access Controller+ Exit Button+ indoor Reader


Cloud-based server, no need for traditional local server & database
Multiple access: Smart phone, Card, tokens
Easy Management: Manage via Web on PC or App on smart device
Esay Installation: Power over Ethernet (POE) - only 1 cable or 12V DC with WIFI module (4G
module optional) Easy to understand, simple to manage- feel confident within 10 minutes
Easy to protect one site or multiple locations across the world in 1 platformSecurity

Complete security by backing up automatically with Amazon Web Services™, no manual back up needed
Secure exchanges compliant with government recommendations:
The Web & App platform ensure the data authenticity and privacy all along the information
chain: HTTPS - TLS exchanges, mutual authentication for each transaction, unique encrypted
and signed exchanges

Equipment indicators

Working mode: Offline mode, online mode, automatic mode, debug mode
Identification method Single card, card + password, dual card, dual card + double password, universal password,
support fingerprint, face, QR code
Control mode: Control, normally open, normally closed
CPU: 32-bit high performance processor
1 built-in readers 1 external readers 1relays
Card capacity: 32000 expandable
Storage capacity: 24,000 entry and exit gates and alarm records
Number of personal time zones 128
Holiday mode, Manager card
Card valid time setting, Number of credits limit
Anti-submarine, Door magnetic alarm, Card invalid alarm
Duress code, Number of passwords 0-6 digits optional
Unlocking time 0.1-25.5 seconds
Remote unlocking: App, QR Code
Device online status: Report device online status in real time
Power-down protection: Built-in battery protection clock and data
Touch button: touch unlock button
Status light: Communication status, card reader online, 3 lock status
Power supply DC12V/2A
Working temperature 0-70°C
Working humidity 0%~95%RH,
Installation method: Standard 86 box base, wall mount

How does it work?

Welcome to the Cloud-based Solution.

Simple solution in two parts -- CloudAC, indoor controller

integrated exit reader. -- Outdoor Access Reader,

Smartphone&QRcode&RFID / Smartphone&FingerPrint&RFID / Smartphone&RFID