Silone Cardtech has equipped its three modern factories with  equipment and capacity needed to ensure that your smart card and RF needs are fully met.


  • Full Service Personalization Bureau
  • Smart Card Milling and Embedding
  • Dual Interface Smart Card Embedding
  • Copper Wire Inlay Production Line
  • Etched Antenna Inlay Production Line
  • Flip-Chip Die Attachment Line
  • CQM Card Testing Lab


With a combined factory space of 30,000 square meters we are your one stop shop for the production and personalization of cards, inlays, and other unique RF form factors.


  • Lithographic Printing
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Foil, Signature Panel
  • Hologram Hot Stamping
  • GSM / SIM Plug Punching Line
  • ABS Injection Molding Line



Lithographic Printing

Hot-Stamped Rainbow Foil

Silkscreen Pearlescent Coating

Silkscreen Printing

Lithographic Printing

Hot-Stamped Gold Foil

Transparent PVC

Contactless Inlay

Lithographic Printing

Printing on Multiple Layers

Lithographic Printing

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