RFID Wristbands are portable transponders which are worn like a wrist watch. Ideal for those looking to add ‘wallet-free’ convenience to their RF system.


Popular with companies, schools, recreational facilities,  spas, entertainment venues, and many other businesses for identification, access control, and payment.


Custom shapes are a colorful, good looking and convenient  way to cary an RF transponder. Available in custom or standard shapes and sizes to fit anyone.


Silicone wristbands are durable, comfortable, and easily molded into custom designs that include branding graphics. Silone also offers nylon, teslin, and soft PVC wristbands.

Designs: Three standard designs available. Custom designs can include branding graphics molded into the surface of the wristband.


RF Technology: Compatible with most transponders operation within the 13.56 MHz spectrum.


Material: Silicone

Price: Competitive

Colors: Most Pantone colors.


Operating Temperature: 25°C - 85°C

Personalization: Match laser engraving

to IC chip encoding.

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